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Recordings: Matt Jacobson in conversation with Luis Chavez-Brumell, Marian Huggins, Seth Godfrey, and Isaac Shub about the New Haven Free Public Library and their work during the pandemic. 

December 2020

Recordings:  Matt Jacobson in conversation with Akram Khater about his documentary and  Matt Jacobson in conversation with Jennifer Richeson about the backlash against diversity

November 2020

Recordings:  Matt Jacobson in conversation with Amitava Kumar and Leah Mirakhor and  Matt Jacobson  in conversation with Philip F. Rubio about the US Post Office.  

October 2020

Recording: Matt Jacobson in conversation with Andy Horowitz about his new book, Katrina, A History: 1915-2015 (Harvard University Press, 2020)

September 2020

Podcast: Matt Jacobson interviews Claudia Rankine about her newest book, Just Us: An American Conversation, which comes out this month. 

June 2020

Podcast: Matt Jacobson interviews Kathryn Lofton about how her work and teaching are helping to make sense of the pandemic during a particularly challenging moment in history. 

May 2020

Podcast: Matt Jacobson interviews cultural anthropologist Douglas Rogers about capitalism and corporations in regards to the current moment in history

April 2020 

Podcast: Matt Jacobson interviews Professor Tracey Meares about her work on policing and the public good

March 2020

Podcast: Matt Jacobson interviews Daniel HoSang about race and the new right-wing politics

February 2020 

Podcast: Emily Bernard reads two essays from her widely acclaimed book Black is the Body: Stories from My Grandmother’s Time, My Mother’s Time, and Mine

January 2020 

Podcast: Daphne Brooks discusses the words and ideas of Nobel-prize winning American author Toni Morrison

December 2019

Podcast: Professor Alicia Schmidt Camacho interviews Sylvia Ryerson and Luis G. Luna about their new bilingual podcast: Melting the ICE / Derritiendo el Hielo.

November 2019

Podcast: Sylvia Ryerson interviews Ryan Brasseaux about his experience teaching Introduction to Public Humanities

October 2019

Podcast: Laura Wexler discusses the history of her involvement with photography and two ongoing projects: Photogrammar and Collaboration: A Potential History of Photography 

September 2019

Podcast: Matthew Jacobson introduces Democracy in America and the History of Right Now