Collaboration: A Potential History of Photography is a research project and a pedagogical tool that explores the event of photography.

“John Ashbery’s Nest” is a website centered on a virtual tour of the Victorian home of American poet, collagist, art critic and collector John Ashbery (1927-2017).  The site provides a unique opportunity not only to see the art, objects, books and furniture in this house–the only home Ashbery has ever owned–but also to hear Ashbery read from related poems and talk about the provenance and resonance that these things, including the space itself, have played in his creative life.

This group exhibition recognizes the 50th anniversary, local histories and lasting legacies of the trial of Black Panther Party chairman, Bobby Seale, New Haven chapter founder, Ericka Huggins, and seven other party members. While Seale and Huggins were acquitted of the murder of Panther member Alex Rackley, the 1970 case shook the city and exposed deep inequities in the legal system and wider social structures.

In this episode of Teach Better,  Cyra Levenson from the Yale Center for British Art and Matt Jacobson, Professor of American Studies, History, and African-American Studies at Yale, talk about incorporating real artifacts and works of art into your teaching. Specifically, we talk about why you might want to do such a thing, and how you can get started doing it.

An inter-disciplinary dance work exploring history, blood memory, and the traces of an ancestral past, The Geneva Project examines what is hidden and what is revealed, by bringing light to that which was once buried.