Area Advisor: Leah Mirakhor (leah.mirakhor@yale.edu)

There are an increasing number of opportunities to develop public writing at Yale and a large number of faculty and a growing number of students are placing their work in print, podcast and other formats.  Leah Mirahkor’s course, Public Writing: How to Write about Crisis, and Daniel HoSang’s class, Community Organization Theory and Practice, are thinking together about “the convergence of Public Writing and Community Organizing.”  These courses as well as a new graduate workshop (one of the Public Humanities micro-credential opportunities) will bring students together with practitioners in the field, including Claudia Rankine, Amitava Kumar, Vijay Prashad, Asad Haider, Eula Biss, Jason Stanley and others, to forge creative and supportive environments for the creation and development of new pieces.