Name Position Faculty Page
Pitti, Stephen Professor of History & American Studies; Director of Ethnicity, Race & Migration, Associate Head of Ezra Stiles College
Roberts , Carolyn Assistant Professor, History of Science & History of Medicine; African American Studies
Robinson, Marc Professor of English, Professor of Theater Studies, Professor of American Studies, Professor in the Practice of Drama
Rogers, Douglas Professor of Anthropology
Rubin, Elihu Associate Professor Sch of Architecture and American Studies
Sabin, Paul Professor of History and American Studies
Schmidt Camacho, Alicia Professor of American Studies, Head of Ezra Stiles College; Director Undergrad Studies Ethnicity & Migration
Snyder, Timothy Richard C. Levin Professor of History
Stanley, Jason Jacob Urowsky Prof of Philosophy
Wargo , John Chair, Tweedy/Ordway Professor of Forestry and Environmental Studies