Name Position Faculty Page
Kao, Grace IBM Professor of Sociology; Chair, Department of Sociology; Faculty Director; Education Studies; Director, CERSI
Lui, Mary Head of Timothy Dwight College, Professor of American Studies & History
Mirakhor, Leah Lecturer in Ethnicity, Race, and Migration (ER&M) and the Program in American Studies
Pitti, Stephen Professor of History & American Studies; Director of Ethnicity, Race & Migration, Associate Head of Ezra Stiles College
Promey, Sally Professor Institute of Sacred Music, Divinity School, American Studies and Religious Studies; Affiliated Faculty, History of Art
Rankine, Claudia Frederick Iseman Professor of Poetry
Rogers, Douglas Professor of Anthropology
Rubin, Elihu Associate Professor Sch of Architecture and American Studies
Sabin, Paul Professor of History and American Studies
Schmidt Camacho, Alicia Professor of American Studies, Head of Ezra Stiles College; Director Undergrad Studies Ethnicity & Migration