Jub Sankofa

PhD Candidate

Jub Sankofa is an artist, mobile filmmaker, and healing justice organizer. He received his B.A in Africana Studies at the University of Cincinnati. jub then obtained a Master of Arts Degree in African American Studies from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). While at UCLA, jub was a co-founding member of the Justice Work Group-a network of students, faculty, and community members working on issues related to incarceration, education, and reentry. His master’s thesis, “The Trap: Black Youth and the Carceral State in California, 1929-1939,” sheds light on the California Penal system’s role in restricting the labor and mobility of migrant youth in the Great Depression. Currently, Jub is completing a joint Ph.D in American Studies and African American Studies at Yale University with a Master of Arts concentration in Public Humanities, ie. Family Memory, Digital Humanities and Documentary Studies.  Jub’s Public Humanities project–a feature length animated documentary– Down by the River: The Story of Beloved Barb follows his journey of learning about his mother’s battle living with schizophrenia and bipolar. His dissertation project maps black migrations, labor, and mobility in the American West at the turn of the 20th Century up to World War II. through California prison and police records.  Publications include:Juvenile Corrections in the Era of Reform: A Meta-Synthesis of Qualitative Studies.