ReThinking Ricci v. DeStefano with Cheryl Harris

February 7, 2019

Democracy in America had the pleasure and honor of co-hosting critical theorist and UCLA Law Professor Cheryl Harris. She joined a diverse body of students hailing from all corners of the university for a timely and critical discusssion of the thick history of the 2009 Supreme Court case, Ricci v. DeStefano, whose effects on discussions of protections of minorities in American society has reverberated across time. Professor Harris meticulously pulled apart the narratives of race, colorblindness, and post-racialism to reveal how discourses of equality and protection of minorities were turned on its head and became about the protection of whiteness, especially in the powerful legal world. Drawing the line from Ricci v. DeStefano to current claims against affirmative action, Professor Harris laid bare the specious arguments against it. She left her audience re-thinking the logic of the narratives against affirmative action, and who it is that benefits from its fall - and it is definitely not any of the minoritiy students the lawsuits are purporting to represent. For more events, see